For The Homeowner

Dayligthing isn’t just for commercial office space and buildings like airports and train stations. It makes a great solution for homeowners like yourself too.

Lighting is usually an afterthought during a remodel but it should be one of the first things that are planned out even before cabinets, countertops, and flooring is chosen. Heck, even before you choose where to put the kitchen in your home.

Your choices go way beyond adding a couple new windows and a skylight to the bedroom.

Your Southern Exposure

Windows that face to the south provide light and warmth throughout the day and provide the most heat during the winter too. The sun may rise in the east and west but you can end up with a lot of glare causing you to close the blinds. You won’t get much heat in the winter here anyway so if it’s possible, put your main living space on the south side of the house.

Light From All Sides

Do any rooms in your home have windows just on one wall?

Yeah, mine too. And the other side of the room is dark with lot’s of shadows.

You want to let light in from two opposing sides whenever possible.

Using Tall Windows

You’re average window goes to a height of 6’8″ off the floor but most ceilings go to 8′. And yet the most efficient source of natural light is closest to the ceiling because it allows more light to pass deeper into the room.

Getting Light Deep Into A House

Light monitors can be the key to illimunating your granite countertops and inset cabinets.

As you can see it’s simply a raised section in the center of the roof with windows down both or even all 4 sides.

This will illuminate all those counters and fixtures helping you to show them off and turn the kitchen into a showcase.

If you’re going to dedicate such a large portion of your budget of granites like these pictured at Countertop Investigator or cabinetry like this pictured at Houzz, you may as well make the most of it, right.

We’re going to expand this article with more ideas like light tubes and getting the most out of skylight placement soon. There’s so much more to discuss and we have just scratched the surface.