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Daylighting Collaborative Web Site Disclaimer

The Daylighting Collaborative web site,, was developed to provide information on using daylighting in building design and operation. The information and data contained on the web site pages and in the documents housed on the web site is intended to be used for general informational purposes to promote energy conservation and energy efficiency for public benefit.

The Energy Center of Wisconsin makes no guarantees as to the fitness of this information for any other purpose. The use of the contents of the Daylighting Collaborative web site and other materials for any other purpose than general information is solely at the risk of the user. Neither the Energy Center of Wisconsin nor any other party connected with the Daylighting Collaborative project and web site; (a) makes any warranty, express or implied, with the respect to the use of any information, apparatus, method, or process disclosed in Daylighting Collaborative materials or that such use may not infringe privately owned rights or (b) assumes any liability for any loss, damage or other consequences resulting from the use of information, apparatus, method, process, or data contained in Daylighting Collaborative documents or on the web site. No building application should be undertaken without first consulting a licensed architect, contractor or other building professional.

Use and Reproduction of Daylighting Collaborative Materials

The purpose of the Daylighting Collaborative (a project of the Energy Center of Wisconsin), its web site and any related materials produced by the Collaborative is for educational and promotional purposes. As such, the Energy Center of Wisconsin gives the general public permission to use, reference and reproduce materials provided source credit is given to the Daylighting Collaborative.

However, when the Daylighting Collaborative (a project of the Energy Center of Wisconsin) references other sources, there is no transference of permission to a third party user. Any organization or individual wishing to use referenced material or information must obtain permission from the referenced party.

Non Profit Resource Listing Policy

The Daylighting Collaborative provides a listing and link free of charge to select non-profit organizations that support our mutual goals to reduce energy use in buildings and improve the overall sustainability of our built environment.

In order to support our mission and maintenance of the web site, we request that all other entities interested in a listing and link do so through our sponsorship opportunities.

Product/Consultant Directory Policy

The Daylighting Collaborative, a program of the Energy Center of Wisconsin, reserves the right to accept or reject a product/consultant listing for inclusion in the directory.

Product/Consultant Directory Disclaimer

The directory is for informational purposes only and is developed as a service to Daylighting Collaborative members. The Daylighting Collaborative does not endorse nor imply any guarantee for any of the products or companies listed. Those products and companies listed have paid for the opportunity to have an expanded listing and direct link.